314-TCSBWC Thayer & Chandler (Starter/Basic Set) /w Compressor

$306.00 $183.60

Thayer & Chandler Starter System, 314-TCSBWC Starter System. System created for the novice venturing into airbrushing for the first time. An excellent choice for beginning students, hobbyists, ceramists, and automotive painters and all other airbrush enthusiasts.

System includes everything you need to get started including the Model Vega 600 airbrush single action, siphon feed airbrush, BTC-110 Compressor, 6 foot braided air hose, two 1/4 ounce glass jars and 1 Fast Blast jar adaptor cap, 1/4 ounce color cup, five 1-ounce bottles airbrush paint (Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Black), a 2-ounce airbrush cleaner, Airbrush Techniques Start to Finish DVD and Instruction Manual. Proudly made in the USA!