Stynylrez Primer (Light Flesh)

$8.15 $4.89

For the perfect prime every time use Badger Air-Brush Co.'s new Stynylrez ready to use primer. Stynylrez water based acrylic polyurethane is an easy to apply surface primer that dries to a hard flat finish. Stynylrez Primer can be applied to a variety of plastics, metal, woods, resins and various other substrates; simple and easy application, simple easy cleanup. It is self-leveling, detail enhancing, coverage provides excellent adhesion and durability. 18 Tones - are offered for the unique needs of the professional airbrush artist and hobbiest. If frozen, Stynylrez will not return to useable condition. DO NOT FREEZE. Stynylrez primer meets ASTMD-4236 standards. Made in the U.S.A. Not recommended for use by children ages 14 and under without adult supervision.

  • Self leveling primer Simple and easy application detail enhancing coverage
  • Excellent adhesion and durability, Dries to a hard flat finish
  • For use on plastics, metals, woods, resin, various other substrates, Simple and easy clean up
  • The perfect prime, every time available in white gray and black
  • Proudly bottled and made in the USA
  • SNR-207 Light Flesh,  Light Flesh Primer, Primer Light Flesh, flesh light,  Primer Light (SNR-407, SNR-167 & SNR-327)
  • DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, this product, will not return to usable condition.