R4VJ Renegade Velocity Jet

$199.00 $149.25

Badger’s “Renegade” series is pleased to add the new gravity feed Velocity “Jet” airbrush in its line-up. Designed with the same precision-oriented technological features as Badger’s widely popular Velocity, Spirit, and Rage airbrushes, Badger’s new Velocity Jet will produce an extremely minute spray pattern (as fine as a hairline) with its .21 millimeter tip. It’s the perfect dual action, internal mix airbrush for painting miniatures or enhancing notably larger projects. 

The Velocity Jet has a modified 1/16 ounce mounted color cup providing an accurate sight line, has a “stopset” trigger control handle for precise recurring spray patterns, and is the ideal airbrush choice for a variety of perfectionists, including detail-oriented hobbyists, graphic artists, and professional taxidermists. 

The Model R4VJ includes a Renegade Velocity Jet (small cup) Gravity Airbrush, packaged in a sturdy storage case.

This airbrush has a one year warranty on manufacturer defects with a lifetime warranty on the PTFE needle bearing and any factory labor repairs. Proudly made in the USA.