Krome 2 in 1” RK-1 Airbrush

$233.00 $174.75

Badger Air-Brush Company's newest addition to its series of fine detail airbrushes, the “Krome 2 in 1” RK-1 Airbrush. Designed by pros for professional results, Badger’s bright new gravity feed Krome airbrush outshines other detail airbrushes It features a “glide coat” finished trigger and rocker lever for a friction free trigger stroke. 

The Krome’s -Inch softer-Inch trigger tension allows for greater detail triggering control, and the micrometer trigger stop setting allows the user to set and reference spray patterns to 1/1000 of an inch (millimeter). An ergonomic under body finger rest was added for greater comfort during prolonged detail finishing sessions. 

The “Krome 2 in 1” RK-1 Airbrush Kit includes an ultra-fine Krome airbrush with a 3/8-ounce. mounted color cup, an additional fine tip, fine spray regulator, and fine needle; packaged in a sturdy storage box.