BA-MASS - Multi Airbrush Starter System (BA-MASS)

$375.00 $281.25

Item description:  The Badger airbrush multiple airbrush starter system features everything the new and aspiring airbrush artist requires to successfully start airbrushing.  It has multiple airbrushes that can be used in any airbrush application, and a 40+ psi compressor and air hose that will capably operate any airbrush.  The system also comes with a set of airbrush ready multi-purpose acrylic colors for use in various applications and on various substrates, and the proper cleaning agent for acrylic paints. Additionally, this system includes a complete maintenance pack and a needle lubricant for easy airbrush cleaning and maintenance.  And to help new airbrush artists begin practicing and successfully develop their airbrush skills - this system also includes a DVD, Airbrush 101 basic airbrush information booklet, and an airbrush coloring book to practice in.


Kit contents:  Badger Patriot 105 airbrush with detail needle/nozzle,  Badger Patriot 105 super detail needle/nozzle conversion kit,  Badger 350 single action airbrush w/ 3/4 jar and adaptor,  Badger 180-15 air compressor, braided air hose, airbrush maintenance pack (6 cleaning pads, 18 airbrush crevice cleaning tools, thread wax, needle polishing paper), 1 oz. bottle of Badger REGDAB Needle Juice, 5 bottle set of Badger M-PAC airbrush ready multi-purpose acrylic colors, DVD, Airbrush 101 booklet, Airbrush practice coloring book, and airbrush instructions.

BA-MASS Starter Systems (110V)