62-270 - Iridescent Purple (Choose Size)

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This item is out of stock
Badger's Woods & Water airbrush colors are as close to nature as you can get! From brilliant iridescent and pearls to subtle shades of green and brown, Woods & Water are the ideal colors for enhancing birds of the sky, creatures of the sea, mammals of the forest, reptiles of the desert, and scenic dioramas!

Woods & Water airbrush colors will adhere to a variety of natural surfaces, including leather, scales, wood, and other various substrates. Woods & Water colors are highly pigmented, airbrush-ready paints that are specially formulated for the unique needs of novice as well as champion carvers and taxidermists. Available in seventy-two assorted shades (bland to bold) Woods & Water paints are water-based, non-toxic, and low odor; no harmful solvents or chemicals in these fine quality airbrush colors!

All Woods & Water airbrush colors meet and exceed the ASTMD-4236 standard of excellence!

Color: Iridescent Purple 62-270 2oz. (64-270 4oz.)