314-CT Craft/Decor (T-Shirt Set)

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Badger Air-Brush Co. 314-CT Craft/Decorative T-Shirt System, designed for T-shirt artists, both amateur and professional, to enjoy hours of creating one of a kind T-shirts and more.

System contains Model 155 Anthem airbrush, excellent choice for novice to advanced airbrush users. The two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Anthem's cone shaped nozzle enabling a single needle/nozzle (3/4millimeter) configuration to spray virtually any desired material, thus eliminating the need for fine, medium, or large needle/nozzle variations.

The Anthem's body design provides exacting balance and long term user comfort. The Anthem also provides flawless performance in the most rigorous of production airbrushing environments. The Anthem's single needle/nozzle is ideal for spraying all mediums, inks, dyes, watercolors, properly reduced acrylics, enamels, lacquers, glazes, latex, Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, Spectra Tex, MODELflex, Totally Tattoo and Totally Tan colors.

System also includes a 6 foot braided hose, 2 3/4-Ounce glass jars and 1 Fast Blast jar adaptor cap, 1/4 ounce color cup, 3 color sets; 6 Color Primary Set, 2-Ounce bottles (Intense White, Jet Black, Brilliant Yellow, Classic Red, Brilliant Blue, Light Brown), 6 Color Neon Set, 2-Ounce bottles (Pink, Lemon, Green, Orange, Purple, Wild Berry), 6 Color Metallic Set, 2-Ounce bottles (White, Silver, Gold, Copper, Blue, Red), 4-Ounce bottle of airbrush cleaner, T-Shirt Airbrushing Start to Finish DVD and Instruction Manual. Proudly made in the USA.