314-BHD Beauty (Cosmetic HD/Theater Set)

$298.00 $178.80

Badger Air-Brush Co. 314-BHD Complete HD/Theatrical Cosmetic System - Achieve the ultimate hi-def results with Badger's new Pixel hi-def airbrush cosmetics system. Create the ultimate realistic look under stage and set lighting that easily goes from bright to subdued. Picture perfect results are made remarkably easy when extreme close-up results are desired.

System contains Model Omni 4000 gravity feed airbrush with 1/3-Ounce mounted color cup, 10 foot braided air hose, a 16-Ounce Totally Tan Cleaner, 8 0.5 ounce Pixel Hi-Def Colors (Paprika, Ebony, Porcelain Bisque, Deep Tan, Honey Beige, Mocha, Glamour Glow, Innocence) and instruction Manual. Proudly made in the USA.