BA-4000S Bake Air Pro Plus Bakery Airbrush Set

$244.00 $183.00

Striving to decorate the ultimate creations? The Thayer and Chandler Bake Air 4000 airbrush allows for personal creativity with comfort and ease. No job is too big or too detailed to enhance with the Bake Air 4000, BA4000-PRO PLUS SET. Set includes: Bake Air 4000 airbrush, Model 80-3A "Breeze" compressor, clear air hose with fittings, 4 Amerimist airbrush-ready colors (red, yellow, blue, green), 1-ounce bakery airbrush cleaner, Cake Decorating with an Airbrush DVD, compressor and airbrush instructions. The Bake Air 4000 is a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush; its 1/3-ounce (10-1/2-mm) fixed color cup is convenient for blending unique shades of color. The Model 80-3A "Breeze" compressor has an adjustable operating pressure from 2 -15 PSI with built in regulator, ideal pressure for cake decorator applications; on-off switch; lightweight, portable, quiet. Badger airbrushes are Proudly made in the USA.