BA-5000S Bake Air Pro Bakery Airbrush Set

$236.00 $177.00

When looking for professional results, airbrush-it with a Thayer and Chandler Bake-Air 5000 airbrush. Ideal for the experienced cake decorator who strives for the ultimate results. can't get much finer than this with a bakery airbrush. Thayer and Chandler's "Bake Air" Pro Set, BA5000-PRO SET, Includes the Bake Air 5000 airbrush, Model 80-3A "Breeze" compressor, clear air hose with fittings, 4 Amerimist airbrush-ready food colors (red, yellow, blue, green), 1-ounce bakery airbrush cleaner, Cake Decorating with an Airbrush DVD, compressor and airbrush instructions. Thayer and Chandler's Bake Air 5000 dual action, gravity feed airbrush is simple to operate; 1/8-ounce fixed color cup, excellent for blending and shading colors. The Model 80-3A "Breeze" compressor has an adjustable operating pressure from 2 -15 PSI with built in regulator, ideal pressure for cake decorator applications; on-off switch; lightweight, portable, quiet. Badger airbrushes are proudly made in the USA.