314-BBSWC Badger Bakery (Starter Set) /w Compressor

$254.00 $152.40

Badger Air-Brush Co. 314-BBSWC Badger Baker Starter System. A Bakery System created for the home baker who sets the decorating standards for their neighborhood, with a system that allows for personal creativity.

System includes: The Model 100-GB (M) Bakery Airbrush featuring the continuous flow valve, which creates the ease of a single action airbrush while eliminating tip dry, 80-3 Compressor, a 6 ft. clear air hose, four .7 ounce bottles airbrush ready food color (Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, Super Red, Leaf Green), a 4-ounce airbrush cleaner, Miscellaneous Fun Stencils (Smiley Face, Hearts, Kaleidoscope, Balloons), Cake Decorating with The Airbrush Start to Finish DVD and Instruction Manual. Proudly made in the USA!