314-AP Automotive (Advanced/Pro Set)

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Badger Air-Brush Co. 314-AP Automotive Advanced/Professional System for the experienced automotive graphic artists and seasoned custom painters.

System contains Model RV1 Gravity Feed Velocity Airbrush for use in extremely detailed and tight graphic applications. This incredibly innovative airbrush possesses the most precise paint tip and linear air flow (needle) angle specifications, and feature manufacturing processes and materials technology never before utilized by the airbrush industry.

The Velocity airbrush is superior to anything that precedes it in a dedicated custom graphics airbrush. It truly takes airbrushing to the next level. Any professional artist desiring the finest tools and to elevate their skill to its highest level needs to experience the beauty and perfection of the Velocity airbrush. Velocity R1V (gravity feed) features a 0.21 millimeter paint tip, a 6-Degree Linear Air Flow Angle. The Velocity will produce a hair line to 1-Inch spray pattern when spraying properly reduced acrylics, lacquers, and Urethanes.

The Model R1V-Velocity is a Gravity Feed Airbrush with an additional spray regulator and a 1/8-Inch air hose adaptor, 6 foot braided air hose, ImagineAir Primary Color Set, 4-Ounce each (Red, Yellow, Blue, Flat Black, Flat White), Metallic (Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver), candy colors (candy Teal, candy Green, candy Yellow, candy Maroon, candy Red, candy Blue, candy Purple, candy Brown, candy Orange, candy Black), a 16-Ounce bottle of airbrush cleaner, 4 4-pack Airbrush Template (3/8-Inch to 3-Inch Circles Negative / Positive; 1-Inch to 2-Inch Ellipse Negative/Positive; 3-Inch Ellipse Negative/Positive; 4-Inch Ellipse Negative/Positive), a Airbrush Techniques Start to Finish DVD and Instruction Manual. Proudly made in the USA.